Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What's happening in the workshop?

the Team is working hard on stripping, cleaning, blasting Suzuki engines.
Richard Peckett (P&M) has made a new frame to house the engine and Bill Simpson (BSR) is developing new tanks.
The frame has since been coated with 5 layers of paint, Russell is assembling engines to fit in and everyone else has started the built of the bike.
We're going testing in Aragon half March, so the pressure is on.
Mark Gerrard

BSR new tank in development

Chris Hall, joined the team last year and
Nev Hall, Chris' brother

New team member, Dan Wynn.

Brakes fitted

It's taking shape

Sunday, 11 January 2015

2015 - Preparations are well under way !.

Welcome back.!

Picture taken at the Nurburgring by Guido Bongen

The team's first test of year will be back at Aragon in only 9 weeks and the workshop is already in frenzy. There are six engines in various states of dis-assembly (we have needed to buy six so far to get enough good bits to build two), bikes apart, bikes for sale and boxes everywhere.

There is already lots of news, Too much for one session, so I will give you a few highlights and the general plan for now and fill you in on the detail sometime later.

The race calendar looks like this so far......

Paul Ricard   4 hrs 3/5th April   (ECS)
Mettet    2 x 2hrs 30/31st May
Spa  4 hrs 3/5th July  (ECS)
Classic Bol d'Or, Paul Ricard 2 x 2 hrs 18/19th Sept
Aragon 4 hrs 30/31st Oct

There are also 4 very interesting Italian Endurance races at Vallelunga, Mugello, Imola and Misano....if only we had the staff....

The team will be racing  P&M Suzuki 1230s, similar to the machine raced by the team at Nurburgring and Aragon 2014.

The second bike will be built during the next 8 weeks after delivery of the new P&M frame this week. (Number 146)
Peckett & McNab Frame no 146

The rider line-up will be Hugh Brasher, Peter Linden and Ian Simpson, who joins the team for all the ECS races, the classic Bol and maybe more. A big welcome to Ian.!

Sponsorship commitments have already been made by Sweatshop, Marchant Engineering Services and Maurice (our newest recruit, who joined us at Aragon '14).

As for the team....All the good old guys and girls are back for more ( in one shape or another) but, we always need more good hands, whatever their skills. Come on join in.

More soon. RB