Monday, 18 August 2014

Nurburgring test 20/21st August

The team track test the P&M Suzuki again this week at Nurburgring with Hugh Brasher, Cormac Conroy and the recovering Peter Linden. The new Suzuki proved fast at Donington but the team are aiming to improve performance further with some different carburettors and shock absorbers. The new bike weighed in 3 kgs heavier than the Kawasaki last week, but there is a long way to go with weight reduction as well as power improvement.

The Nurburgring race is over the weekend of 6/7th September, we hope you can make it.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sweatshop Phase One at Donington.

The Team have just completed 3 days testing at Donington Park on the new P&M Suzuki. Peter Linden was originally planned for the test but crashed heavily in Sweden two weeks ago, breaking two ribs and bruising a lung.

Ian Simpson kindly agreed at short notice to stand in for Peter and proved the ideal replacement. Despite the relatively small amount of track time , the vast majority of the team's objectives were achieved before the weather turned this morning and the final day was abandoned.

The new bike proved powerful and controllable, although a steering damper was necessary to calm the front end lightness over uneven surfaces etc. With 140 BHP on tap, the bike was always going to have different characteristics to the Kawasaki, but none proved detrimental and a base setting was found to take on to the Nurburgring tests next week. Good settings were found for carburation and  ignition curves.
Ian gave great feedback and was a pleasure to work with.

Meeting of minds. Steve Bones of FTR and Richard Peckett of  P&M

Thanks to all involved and sorry to those ( Lee) that came to watch today and went away with nothing more than pitlane chat.!!

Peter, Hugh and Cormac will all be back for the German test on 20/21st August.

Lancaster fly by

It's well worth getting this month's Classic Racer, nice article on Spa Francorchamps.