Monday, 11 October 2010

Phase One in the Pyrenees

Phase One's 9th Pyrenean green laning week was once again a great success. This year the trip took place straight after the Cartagena 6 hour race in late September. Participants in Ainsa were: Craig Reilly, Tim Smith, Simon Scott, Bruno the Belge and his lovely Maety, Stephane Mertens, Lida van Ham, Mike Wain, Denise Hart, Justin Horne and Russell Benney.

Highlights included daily rescue missions to recover Craig, a double mud submerging for Russell and Craig, and a conrod through the front of Justin's KTM engine. Next edition October 2011.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Open Class win at Cartagena 6 hours

Peter Linden and Hugh Brasher scored a great class win in last weekend´s 6 hour race. The team also finished in 2nd place overall. The Team were absolutely delighted with this rostrum result, it´s second on the classic bike this year.
The race was held in mid 20 degrees C and dry conditions. Linden qualified for the team in 4th place behind pole setters, the British/Belgian Honda team of Mark Smith Halvorson and his Belgian partner. Three times Cartagena winners, James Clark´s Team Glam were also ahead.

Phase One´s race was eventfull with a front tyre puncture in the second rota (Linden) costing some 4 minutes including the slow in lap. Further events included a rear wheel alignment problem (possibly a broken chain adjuster) causing heavy tyre wear and some anxiety amongst the crew. This necessitated an extra tyre change which cost another minutes lost time. Apart from these relatively minor events the Team had a great performance with no rider or pit crew errors.

The race was won overall by Team Glam from Cheltenham, in the capable hands of James Clark and Bob Collins, on their P&M Kawasaki, after what looked like a trouble free performance.

The team would like to thank Sweatshop, Dunlop, SBS, and France Equipement for helping to make this result possible.

The race was run between 17.00 and 23.00 with a paddock wide party/meal commencing at midnight. Both riders and team pronounced themselves happy with the weekend and confirmed their desire for another season of Classic Endurance in 2011.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Phase One have a fun 4th at Spa Francorchamps

Scott Smart and Hugh Brasher finished Saturday's highly competitive Spa Francorchamps 6 hour race in a creditable 4th place in class.

The 6 hour event which ran as part of the Belgian Endurance Championship, attracted a seventy strong international entry headed by the likes of Ari Vos, Werner Daemen, Sebastian LeGrelle, Marc Fissette and Stephane Mertens. It is run by the 'endurance 4 fun' club.

The Team qualified in 9th position after a great effort by Scott Smart. Neither Smart nor Brasher had competed at Spa previously. Scott's lap was sufficient to push several of the regular endurance Teams ( LTG 57, Zone Rouge, etc) out of the top ten. The race rules are strictly Pro-Am, so each Team is allowed only one established 'star' rider. How that worked out with Mertens being paired
with Didier DeRadigues, we are not sure...

The race was held in dry conditions, except for a shower in the last fifteen minutes and at temperatures around 22 degrees C. It started at 14.30. Smart started and steadily climbed to seventh position by 30 mins.

As the early leaders pitted, the team rose to 2nd overall and held 3rd at the turn of
hour one when Smart handed to Brasher. Brasher held a steady helm up to the end rota 2, when he pitted at at 16.22 hrs in 12th position.

At 17.12 the race was stopped temporariliy (they dont use pace cars here anymore) and Smart reported higher than normal water temperatures. A small fracture in one of the oil cooler water pipes awas detected. Following this, the Team replenished the water at the following stop and repeated the process 2 stops later. Each pit/water stop cost 5 minutes, for cooling and replenishment. Apart from these blips in the proceedings, the remainder of the race was trouble free. The Team were happy with yet another Spa race finish with a pair of newcomers bringing in 15th overall and 4th in class.

It was great to be back at an endurance race at Spa and the whole Team is now looking forward to it's next outing at Cartegena in September.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Spa Francorchamps 6 hrs next with Scott Smart and Hugh Brasher, but the Bol d’Or is off.

Current News

The decision has been made to not race at the Bol d’Or or at the final round of the WEC at Qatar. Instead the Team’s funds are being directed into the two remaining races of 2010, Spa 6 hrs and the Cartegena classic 6 hrs plus preparations for next year. Currently the plan is to seek funds for the 2011 WEC, but definitely to compete at the 2011 Daytona 200 miles, plus a season of classic endurance. The whole Team are disappointed that the Bol d’Or will be missed, for the first time since the Team’s creation in 1985, but the financial reality is such that finding sufficient funds to be competitive has proved impossible. As a result, the Team’s last planned outing on the Yamaha R1s will be at Spa on 14th August. The bikes will be maintained as normal following that event in anticipation of further races next season.

Spa Francorchamps 6 hrs 13th / 14th August.

This race is part of the Belgian international ‘Endurance 4 Fun’ championship that has been developing in Belgium for several seasons.
The rider format involves either two national level riders who have not scored international points, or a national rider plus what they call an A grade ‘star’ rider. Stephane Mertens for example has competed in the event since its inception and riders such as Julian Mazuecos, Werner Daemen and Gwen Giabanni have raced there in recent seasons.

The format has proved highly successful and the Spa Francorchamps grid is full, as have been the previous 2010 rounds. Our national grade rider is Hugh Brasher, 2010 UK (Hottrax) endurance champion and he is accompanied by Scott Smart on the Team’s 2009 Yamaha R1s, freshly converted back to endurance specification following the I-O-M TT.

Scott’s last outing with the Team was at Qatar in 2008, when he partnered Glen Richards and Damian Cudlin in the 8hrs race, and we welcome him back for this one. Hugh Brasher will be making his debut on the Phase One Endurance Yamahas at Spa and we wish him good luck.

Thanks go to Sweatshop for partnering the Team for this event.

Sponsors – A big thank you for your support for the NW200 and TT.

The Team wishes to thank the host of sponsors who helped race and prepare for the NW200 and TT. Particular thanks go to;

Andrew Smith and Laurens Kleinkoerkamp at Yamaha Motor, Allan at SBS, Igor and Slavko at Akrapovic, Graham Banks at GB Racing, Alan at Skidmarx, Frank Wrathal at Dynojet UK, Simon Hughes at R&G, Tim at NGK, France Equipement, Gilbert at Beringer, Dunlop Tyres, Paul Phillips at the I-O-M Tourist Board, Rico Mertens at RRD and Wayne Bullen at Norfolline,

Thanks also to our other sponsors who were less directly involved in these events.

For full details of the rest of this newsletter, please join the Phase One Supporters' Club. Details from Lida van Ham at the team HQ.

Team Clothing

This season we are again producing the Team’s seasonal tee shirt, which is now available. This is a great way to support the team and we would be most grateful if you would buy them. The cost is held at £11.00 plus £1.99 P&P. The basic colour is navy blue and we have XL, M and S currently in stock.

In addition, we have:

Phase One 2010 Sweatshirts, in XL, L, M and S at £15 (+£1.99 P&P)

Phase one 2010 Dress shirts, in large only, £35 (+£1.99 P&P)

Yamaha polo's, 2008 (royal blue and black, no Phase One embroidery) in XL, L, M and S at £12.50 (+£1.99 P&P)

Phase One P&M tee shirts, in XL, L, M, and S at £11.00 (+£1.99 P&P)

Yamaha tee shirts, 2008 (royal blue and white, no Phase One embroidery) in XL only at £11.00 (+£1.99 P&P)

2010 Yamaha polo's with Phase One Endurance logo, in XL, L, M and XXL at £15.00 ( +£1.99 P&P)

Please send a cheque for the correct amount per shirt, made to ‘Phase One Supporters Club’, plus name, address and size (S, M, L and XL etc) to;

The Club Secretary, Phase One Endurance, Moxhill House,
Combwich, Bridgwater, Som .TA5 2PN.

Finally, as always;

A very big thank you to all team members, sponsors, riders and supporters for your efforts, contribution and commitment to the team this year, it really is much appreciated.

Russell Benney

Friday, 11 June 2010

Ben Wylie - Supersport and Senior Races

Ben Wylie scored a brilliant 19th in the second Supersport race held on Thursday, following postponement of the race from Wednesday due to bad weather. Ben's R6 performed without problem over the 4 lap race distance and he achieved a best lap of 119.83 mph, down on his first race best, because of wind and a number of yellow flag incidents which hampered progress. Ben held off challenges from privateer cup winner James McBride, Mark Buckley and Ian Mackman, but failed to catch Olly Linsdell, who finished 4 seconds in front at the close of the race. The pit stop was achieved in 51 secs, including a slightly slow fuel cap replacement. Ben was content with his performance albeit with the race conditions curtailing the result. "If I had been allowed to start in my race one finishing position (15th instead of 38th), then I would have missed two incidents, which cost me over 30 secs, and I could have easily bettered my race one position."

Bens Wylie's Senior Race was cut short with a burnt out clutch on lap two of the rerun 4 lap event.

(Actionshots taken by Martyn Collister from Ramsey)

Ian Pattinson- Supersport and Senior Races.

Ian brought the bike home in a steady 24th position in Thursday's postponed Supersport event. The race was marred by a fatal accident involving the kiwi rider Paul Dobbs, a friend and close competitor of Ian's.

Ian's race was trouble free, holding off challenges from John Burrows, Rico Penzkoffer and David Johnson. The little R6 ran faultlessly and Ian pronounced himself satisfied with his performance.

Ian chose to sit out the re-run 4 lap Senior race held on Friday out of respect for Paul Dobbs.

Ian Pattinson at speed

Monday, 7 June 2010

Wylie scores a brilliant 15th in Monday's Supersport race.

Ben Wylie fought to a brilliant 15th place in today's four lap Supersport race, held in warm overcast conditions. In doing so, he earned his first silver replica on only this, his second visit to the Island. His race was achieved in 1hr 15.35 mins and at an average speed of 119.8 mph, with a best lap of just over 122 mph. Ben was delighted with his result and deservedly so; when the flag dropped he had disposed of a host of favoured names such as Olly Linsdell,James McBride and Chris Palmer. The almost standard engined Yamaha R6 ran perfectly and no changes were planned before race two.

Ian Pattinson completed a trouble free race in 25th position (out of the 50 finishers) to score a well deserved bronze replica. Ian 's race average was 117.1 mph, with a best lap of 118.9 mph.

For the Team the race was straightforward with no problems taking the total IOM races to 10, with a 100% finish rate. Both Supersport stops were achieved in around 44 secs, dictated by fuel flow.

Ian Pattinson also raced in the Superstock event scoring 30th position at a 119.9 mph race average. Ian's race was hampered by poor grip from lap 2, with several big moments sapping his confidence.

Today's racing has taken the Team's total IOM laps this year to 62.

The Team are next out on Wednesday, with both riders for the second Supersport event.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Monday; Supersport and Superstock races.

The first Supersport race will be held at 10.45 and the Superstock race will be at 13.15.

Both Ian Pattinson and Ben Wylie will compete in the Supersport event, each on Phase One entered R6 Yamahas. Ian Pattinson will also compete in the Superstock race on a 2009 Yamaha R1, supplied especially by Yamaha Europe.The forecast is for rain in the afternoon, so it is hoped that the notorious Isle of Man mist will allow at least the first race to be completed. Pattinson and Wylie are both intending to better their Superbike positions and all is set for a very competitive race.

Work today has centred on engine maintenance on the Superstock bike and preparations for Friday's Senior classic, which will be the next time the Superbikes will race.

21st and 26th in the Saturday’s opening Superbike race.

Ian Pattinson led home Team mate Ben Wylie in a great start to the week’s events. Pattinson started in a relaxed mood and quickly settled, battling with Jimmy Moore and James Mc Bride for 25th position. By lap two he had put them behind him and had Rico Penzkofer in his sights. The lap was completed at 123.1mph, stopping at its end for a 49 second refuelling and re-tyre stop. Ian’s race then settled and a fourth lap time of 122.9mph placed him in 22nd before his second stop, also at 49 seconds. He rejoined in 20th still ahead of Mc Bride and Moore and went on to do a 123.3mph lap in pursuit of Dobbs and Penzkofer, but to no avail. The end result was dictated by other events; two places lost through a pit lane speed penalty (60.7 kph in a 60 kph limit, costing 30 secs) and one place inherited from a receding Mark Murray. The end result at 21st was an appropriate award.

Ben Wylie scored an excellent 26th place on a slower machine and in only his second TT. Ben started confidently and scorched to a 120.8 mph opening lap from a standing start followed by an equally impressive 121.5 mph lap into the first refuelling and re-tyre stop. A 49 sec stop set him up to take 28th position in the mid-race stint, after a battle with David Hewson. At stop two, (48secs) Ben was also penalised for a pit lane speed limit breech (60.6 kph) costing 30 secs and two places in the end result, robbing him of his natural position of 24th ahead of David Hewson. Next time out on the Superbike will be with a faster engine and a different tyre strategy…

For the Team, the Superbike race was a chance to accumulate more IOM laps, taking this year’s total to 49, and the Team’s overall race finish accumulation to seven, a hundred per cent finish rate.

The Superstock and Supersport race 1 will both be held on Monday 7th June.

Pattinson takes on fluids

Another 6 laps completed

If only you'd given me another tyre....

Friday, 4 June 2010

All set for the Superbike race on Saturday.

Both riders have now achieved laps of over 120 mph, with Pattinson on 121.7 mph and Wylie on 120.3 mph. The mood in the Team is one of satisfaction and anticipation. The bikes are now both set well, with no outstanding rider comments. A further 5 laps of practice were completed tonight, taking the Team's total to 37, all successfully completed. So, it is really up to the riders now to show us what they can do.!

Tomorrow's race will start at 12.00 and the forecast is for dry warm conditions.

Busy pitlane for Thursday's practice

All bikes are scrutineered before each session

Phase One kit out marshalls with Akrapovic caps

Laxey Wheel, one of the island tourist attractions

Thursday, 3 June 2010

10th and 12th in tonight's 600 qualifying.

Ben Wylie pipped Ian Pattinson by two places in Thursday's Supersport session. Both riders were happy with the set up on their bikes and returned their best 600 times of the week. Wylie's time was 119.2 mph and Pattinson's was 119.1mph.

On the Superbikes, Pattinson led the way with a 119.6mph lap, two mph down on yesterday's best of 121.7 mph and Wylie returned a 119.2mph lap.

As well as the excellent Supersport times, the big breakthrough was with Ben Wylie's Superbike. All week the team had struggled to find a workable set up which gave acceptable straight line stability over high speed bumps, and tonight that was found. A fork rebuild and lighter front spring rate appeared to solve the problem and further work in this area tomorrow should finesse it.

The team were happy to record another 6 laps tonight, taking the total to 32 laps, all trouble free. Tomorrow will be the last chance to make minor alterations before the superbike race planned for Saturday. The Team and riders were pleased with tonight's progress.

26 laps and 1000 miles of practice completed

Wednesday night’s practice resulted in improvements for both riders. Wylie achieved 119.0 mph on the Superbike and Pattinson returned a best lap of 121.7 mph. Wylie managed four laps and Pattinson crammed in five, giving a weeks total of 26 trouble free laps. As both riders were largely happy with their 600s, the main focus was on the Superbikes. Pattinson tried a gearing change and some suspension tweaks and was happy, however Wylie really was suffering. The issue again was high speed stability. Geometry had been set from Pattinson’s bike and different shocks and spring rates were tried, but with only marginal improvement. As we go into Thursday’s sessions the focus will be on the Superbike front end.

Pattinson’s Superstock bike went well but for Thursday a slightly softer rear set up will be tried to improve things further.

Pattinson heads out on the Superbike

Pattinson and Whitham at home in the spotlight

Wylie relaxes away from the sun

Phase One's Isle of Man kit

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Mike Wain wields his equipment

Ian Pattinson 14th in Tuesday's Supersport qualifying.

Phase One's Ian Pattinson laid down his marker in the Supersport class on just his
2nd lap of practice yesterday. Lap 1 was for bedding down the brand new engine and lap 2 being a flyer at 117.5 mph. The session was headed by Miachel Dunlop at a speed of 122.7mph, with Keith Amor coming second at 122.6mph.

Ben Wylie settled well on his Supersport bike with a 115.2mph lap, some 23 seconds behind Ian. He had no problems with set up. Ian's Superstock and Superbike settings proved "good enough to race" with only minor adjustments being needed before tomorrow's sessions. High speed instability was holding down Ben Wylie's lap times on his Superbike and it was planned to transfer the relevant data from Pattinson's Superbike before Wednesday's session.

Pattinson un-phased waiting for qualifying

Wylie starts Tuesday's practice

Wylie looks unconvinced

Riders leave at 10 second intervals

Ben Wylie's Phase One Superbike

New meets old at "Governor's Dip"

Monday, 31 May 2010

Pattinson and Wylie go well at TT first practice.

Both riders completed four laps of the mountain circuit in tonight's sessions. Pattinson achieved a best of 120MPH on his Superbike with Wylie at 119MPH. Each rider tested with two bikes, Pattinson on the Superbike and Superstock machines and Wylie went with the Superbike and 600. Conditions were good with an air temperature of around 14 degrees C and only light wind. No major problems were encountered, but Wylie's Superbike engine will be receive a precautionary inspection prior to tomorrow's session and the usual array of minor adjustments will be completed.

The Team plan to run all machines tomorrow, with an aim of achieving the maximum five laps per rider. Ben Wylie will try the 195 section rear in the Superbike in an effort to improve stability and Ian Pattinson will run the 600 for the first time.

The forecast for the rest of the week is for continuing dry conditions until Friday when there may be rain, so around a maximum of 16 or 18 laps could be possible.

Ian Pattinson to join Ben Wylie for TT Races

Ian Pattinson will replace Carl Rennie in the Phase One line up for next week's TT Races.
Rennie failed to gel with the team at the NorthWest 200 event and Pattinson jumped at the opportunity to compete in his place.
Ian Pattinson, a Manx GP Race winner, is a regular top 15 finisher at the Isle of Man TT, with a best placed 8th in the Superstock event in 2007. Ian will compete alongside Ben Wylie in the Senior, Superbike and Supersport races and will take the Team's single Superstock entry.

Ben Wylie's stated ambition for the race is to achieve his first 125mph lap on the Team's Superbike, following his Newcomer best of 121.7 mph last year.

Russell Benney: "This is a massive undertaking for the Team and really is very different. Probably the biggest difference is that we have enjoyed the luxury of working from a pitbox garage for 25 years and returning to multiple awnings is a challenge - just storing 5 bikes, plus an 08 Superbike as a spare is difficult enough!"

Following the cancellation of Saturday's practice because of rain, tonights will be the first test.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Ben Wylie mixes it with Martyn Jessop and Gary Mason at the NorthWest 200

Ben Wylie finished both 600 races in the top 20 at last weekend's NorthWest 200 Races, leading home the second wave mass start in race 2. It was first time out for the Phase One entered R6 Yamaha which proved competitive from the off. On the superbike he finished 21st and 22nd, splitting BSB riders Martyn Jessop and Gary Mason. Wylie has come a long way his 2005 junior team ride on the Shell Endurance Academy Yamaha and has chosen the roads for 2010.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Newsletter 153: The Northwest 200

The Team’s first Irish Road Race and Practice for the TT

With the pre-season Albacete tests and a Mallory Park shakedown behind us, we are now ready for the NW 200 and TT. Carl Rennie and Ben Wylie will each race in two classes; Carl in Superbike and SuperStock and Ben in Superbike and SuperSport. For the Team it’s a big undertaking, having previously focused on keeping just one machine on track! For the TT the task will be even larger, when Carl’s SuperSport bike will also be debuted. But we are ready. The TT is proving to be one of the most popular races ever for team members, with more than 24 being involved over the two and a half week period.

Both the NW200 and TT have also been made a lot easier by the enthusiasm of our sponsors to get involved in real road racing. Direct product support has been offered by all of our old endurance sponsors, many of whom see it as being more relevant to their business. So, for the first time (we think) we shall see Beringer discs and France Equipement sprockets on a SuperStock bike at the TT.!

Carl’s regular sponsors have also worked hard to support his SuperSport bike, which will be built to a specification capable of winning. Thanks to Carl’s brother Dereck and Martin at MTC.

The Team’s quest for sustainable racing, in the form of e-bike racing has continued leaps and bounds with Mike Wain at the proposal stage with at least one major manufacturer and with the Universities of the West Country ganging up to be involved. More soon….

At the NW 200, the team will be based in the paddock and at the TT we have rented the house that TT regular Ian Armstrong normally has in Onchan.

Please feel free to come and visit us.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Phase One Snatch Third at Classic Bol d'Or

Peter Linden and Huge Brasher took a well deserved rostrum place in the four hour Classic Bol d’Or race, held at the French Magny Cours circuit last weekend. Their result came from a fourth place in the first leg, a two hour race into the darkness on Saturday evening and fifth in the second leg, a daylight sprint. The overall race result was announced only after some controversy with two Teams being excluded for technical infringements

Race 1 was a typical endurance war of attrition, with many early race mechanical failures, crashes and retirements. Brasher started for the team and by avoiding trouble and with consistent lapping, achieved 19th place by half distance. Although 8th fastest in qualifying (with a 2.mins 0.88 sec. lap) it proved difficult to live with the early race pace set by eventual winners, MotoBel Guzzi and the Moto 90 Kawasaki of the Eisen brothers. Linden took over at 62 minutes, after a 30 sec pit stop and quickly focussed on the top six. He took 10th after 66 minutes, 6th after 110 minutes and 5th only 4 minutes from the end, after steadily closing on the 5th placed Laverda of Dirk Brand and Henk van der Mark. During his stint Linden was often fastest on track. Lapping at around 2.mins 1 sec.

Huge Brasher started fairly cleanly again in race 2 and steadily reeled off 27 straight laps to hand over to Linden at 60 mins whilst holding 11th position. Again the MotoBel Guzzi had taken an early lead, with Haquin pitting in the first quarter with mechanical trouble, leaving Richard Hubin on the TZ700 GauloisesYamaha to keep the pressure on. After a spell, Hubin also dropped back with a rear tyre puncture. After a 19.3 second pit stop, Linden quickly took up the pace and settled, lapping consistently around the 2mins 1 sec bracket. Things were looking good as he took 4th place 20 mins from the end - but he wasn’t to hold it. In a controversial incident when the pace car entered the track, he was wrongly penalised for passing under a flag, whilst committed to a passing move that couldn’t be avoided. In the end, the 1 minute penalty imposed on the Team robbed it of second place overall. But no hard feelings, it was a great race.

Peter Linden and Huge Brasher form the core of the Phase One Endurance Classic Team which will also compete at the Cartegena 6hrs race in September. Team Manager Russell Benney was delighted with the result, “ having dipped our toes into the water at the 2007 and 2008 Classic Bol d’Or races and having decided to take things a step further this season, it was superb to get onto the rostrum so early. The competition was formidable, with some very well developed motorcycles and teams who have been occupying the top spots for quite a while. As new kids on the block I wasn’t really expecting to do so well, so soon. Huge’s early race efforts really set the results up; he stayed out of trouble and formed the foundation for Peter to build from in the second halves.”

Peter Linden “ This has been a big fun weekend and I just cant stop smiling - its serious but without the big pressure of last time I was here when we wrapped up the 2000 world endurance championship.”

Hugh Brasher “ It has been a fantastic weekend riding with Peter and being with the Phase One Team, perhaps the highlight of my racing career so far. I am looking forward to the next time already”

The Team wishes to thank Dunlop and Sweatshop for their support.

Next up; The NW200 races with Carl Rennie and Ben Wylie in early May.
Race results. Top ten only.
1. MotoBel Moto Guzzi 114 laps
2. Moto 90 Kawasaki 111 laps
3. Phase One P&M Kawasaki 111 laps
4. Team Taurus Moto Guzzi 110 laps
5. Team MPC RCB Honda 110 laps
6. Far Est Team Suzuki GSX 107 laps
7. DD Moto Honda CB 900 106 laps
8. Gold wing classic Honda RCB 106 laps
9. Team XZ Honda RCB 106 laps
10. Darvill racing Spondon Honda 105 laps

Fastest lap; MPC Honda 1 min 55.5 secs
Team fastest lap , Linden 2 min 00.6 secs
51 started, 26 finished

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Phase One Third at Classic Bol d'Or

Phase One have finished third overall at this weekend's Classic Bol d'Or race. More to follow soon...

Monday, 29 March 2010

Albacete Success for Rennie and Wylie

Leading roads privateer Carl Rennie and best 2009 TT newcomer Ben Wylie both featured well at last week's Dunlop tests.

Ben Wylie scored his fastest Albacete lap ever on the 2009 Phase One Yamaha Superbike, whilst lapping only 1 second slower on the R1 Superstock bike. Ben Wylie, "it's great to be back with the team and I was pleased to be able to get into the groove so quickly. I haven't ridden competitively for 6 months and I took some time to settle but then it all came together. The forks on these bikes are awesome."

Team manager Russell Benney was pleased with Wylie's times which would have qualified him in the top 7 in last year's WEC 8hrs race at the circuit.

Carl Rennie went well on day 1 on both Superbike and the Superstock machines, completing some 90 laps. The Team tried new Dunlop front and rear tyre constructions in order to determine their characteristics prior to the major road events. New SBS brake pads were also successfully tested. Carl's second day was called short by a bruised knee which he sustained hitting a kerb. Despite some ice treatment the swelling prevented him from getting back into his normal rhythm and he abandoned the last few hours.

Carl will resume testing with the team in late April, prior to departing to the North West 200 on 6th of May.

'Sweatshop' Back Phase One's Classic Races

Hugh Brasher goes well at Almeria pre-Classic Bol test.

"I am delighted to announce that London based running equipment specialists 'Sweatshop' will be backing our classic programme" announced Team Manager Russell Benney today. Hugh Brasher, the man behind the Sweatshop company and the man with the passion for running has focussed his considerable abilities on winning at classic endurance with Phase One. Benney spoke on; "The Team heartily welcome Hugh and look forward very much to working with him and Peter Linden at the Classic Bol. We are right behind the project and can hardly wait for Magny Cours".

Hugh Brasher successfully tested the Sweatshop backed Phase One P&M Kawasaki's on 18th/19th of March in preparation for the first outing of the year with Peter Linden at the Classic Bol d'Or at Magny Cours.

Brasher completed over 130 laps on the Team's pair of P&M Kawasaki's. All the test objectives were achieved during a busy two days, including direct comparisons between SBS pad compounds, trials of different wheel types, tyre sizes and suspension components. Brasher was faster by 1.5 seconds on the ex-John Cowie, 1978 TTF1 winning machine compared with the sister endurance bike, even while sufferring some front end patter. Despite this, the machine has been selected as the prospective Classic Bol d'Or race bike.

Hugh Brasher - "We had a great test and will surely move forward even further next time out. The Team have their work cut out over the next 10 days but I am certain that we shall be competitive, especially as we are being supplied with the first of a new generation of Dunlop 18" tyres. It will also be a real honour to race this particular bike in endurance again - the last time it was out in endurance was with John Cowie and Bernie Toleman at the 1978 Spa 24hrs race coming 3rd."

The Classic Bol d'Or is at Magny Cours, 10th/11th April.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

NW 200, IOM TT In - Le Mans and Albacete Out


Team Changes Focus: North West 200 and IOM TT are in, Le Mans 24H and Albacete 8H out.

Firstly, welcome back to what will undoubtedly be a great season.

Straight away I want to thank our returning sponsors, our new sponsors and all who support the team with effort, finance or products. Together, 2010 is going to be a great season! A big welcome to you all.

Current News

After much soul searching the decision has been made to resist the temptation to dilute the quality of the Team’s entries in favour of the quantity of the races. In short; we feel that it is better to compete only when we can have a realistic chance of a rostrum finish, rather than spread it thinly and just make up numbers. Having set pole and finished second at the last WEC race of 2009, it reminded us of where we should be. With the right rider line-up, the team and machinery showed its true capability and delivered the results. Its just too frustrating to continue being held back.

So, for 2010, we go forward. The early season focus moves towards the roads, to build on our 2008 TT results (8th with Steve Plater in Superstock and 10th with Michael Dunlop in the Senior) and to make our debut at the NW200. The aim is for at least top sixes at both events. Carl Rennie, 5th in last year’s TT Senior race is just the man to deliver the goods and will race the Team’s Superbike and new Superstock and Supersport machines. (Thanks to Yamaha UK and Yamaha Europe for these bikes). Carl will be supported by ex- Shell Endurance Academy rider and best 2009 TT newcomer, Ben Wylie, who will ride another Phase One Superbike plus his own 600.

The Team head for Albacete this week for the Dunlop tests on the 15th /16th March, when the riders will try the bikes for the first time. Then it’s off to Almeria for a further two days with the classic endurance bikes, this year being raced at the classic Bol d’Or by Hugh Brasher and Peter Linden.


The aim is to compete at Spa, the Bol d’Or and Qatar. A very high quality rider line-up has been agreed in principle for Qatar, held at a time when there are no clashes with British Superbike events. For the Bol d’Or, we are aiming for a very special two-bike entry in conjunction with BIKE magazine (all very hush-hush at the moment) and a return to Spa will be very welcome after what must be an 8 year absence.

The Roads

With Carl on three bikes and Ben on two, both the roads events are going to be very busy indeed. We have great hopes for both riders. Clearly Carl is by far the more experienced and is the most likely to deliver the top results. However, Ben’s fine start last year, earning best newcomer can only be built upon. It is hoped that Ben will feed from Carl’s experience to improve his own performance. The endurance bikes have been up spec’ed to meet the challenge of the superbike and senior races and a superstock bike has been built. Carl is preparing an R6, supplied by Yamaha, as is Ben. Dunlop will provide the rubber and Yamalube the fluids…….we will know more after testing.

2010 Phase One Season

Classic Bol d’Or, Nevers - France - 10th/11th April
NW 200 - Great Britain - 15th/16th May
IOM TT - Great Britain - 27th May to 11thJune
Spa 8H - Belgium - 14th /15th August
Magny Cours Bol d'Or 24H - France - 10th /11th September
Cartegena classic 6H - Spain - 25th September
Losail 8H - Qatar - 17th November

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Linden Back with Phase One for Classic Bol

Peter Linden, 2000 Endurance World Champion, will be re united with his old team at this year's Classic Bol d'Or.

The Swedish fighter pilot will partner UK Endurance racer Hugh Brasher, on Phase One's 1978 Pecket & MCNab Kawasaki at the 8th running of the Classic Bol d'Or at Magny Cours on the 10th and 11th of April.

Linden has great memories of the circuit where he clinched his endurance crown after a battle with season long rivals GMT'94 at the real Bol d'Or in 2000. Hugh Brasher said; "It's a real privilege to race with Peter, we aim to take this race seriously and the experience he brings will be invaluable."

The pairing will use the bike on which Graeme Crosby made his European debut at Brands Hatch in 1978.

Team boss Russell Benney expressed delight at the line up, which is restricted to one professional and one amateur rider per bike. The event is becoming the 'classic' of classics: it strives successfully to encompass the spirit of the 1960's and '70s and the 2 x 2 hours format, including Saturday evening is just right.

This race is a must for the endurance enthusiast that finds the modern scene just that little bit too intense.

Phase One Endurance are set up to welcome supporters with a cup of English tea in the paddock, so be there.

The Classic Bol d'Or is held at Magny Cours, Nevers, France, 9th to 11th of April, with race one on Saturday at 19.30, followed by the second leg at 14.15 on Sunday.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wylie Joins Phase One for the NW200 and TT

2009 TT best Newcomer Ben Wylie has secured a berth alongside Carl Rennie with the Phase One Team for their roads campaign. Wylie was impressive in 2009 , both in the 600 and Superstock categories, and will move up to the premier class this year on the Team's Superbikes.

Yamaha Phase One Manager Russell Benney enthused, "Ever since working with Ben in the Shell Endurance Academy Team in 2005, I have been impressed with his determination and grit. My challenge will be to help him channel that enthusiasm and to focus it on race success . Some of the skills he learnt in World Endurance will be drawn on this season. To be safe and competitive on the roads, he is going to need the ability to maintain extremely high levels of concentration for long periods; just like in the Le mans 24 hours race. He will also need a high level of physical fitness and must be mentally prepared." .

Ben Wylie's reaction to his Phase One ride: "I'm delighted to be back with the old team and I'm determined to build on the results I had in my debut year at the TT. Riding the Superbike at the Northwest200 is going to be awesome, I can't wait!"

A team insider said, "We were really pleased to hear that Ben was back; ever a prankster and great fun to have around. He will learn a lot from Carl and with no pressure on him , should perform well."

Wylie will contest the Senior, Superbike and 600 races on the Team's machines and starts testing at Albacete on 15/16 March.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Welcome to the new Phase One website

The new Phase One website will be up and running for the start of the 2010 season. Until then, please bear with us while we find all the old files... in between preparing race bikes and chasing riders!