Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ian Pattinson 14th in Tuesday's Supersport qualifying.

Phase One's Ian Pattinson laid down his marker in the Supersport class on just his
2nd lap of practice yesterday. Lap 1 was for bedding down the brand new engine and lap 2 being a flyer at 117.5 mph. The session was headed by Miachel Dunlop at a speed of 122.7mph, with Keith Amor coming second at 122.6mph.

Ben Wylie settled well on his Supersport bike with a 115.2mph lap, some 23 seconds behind Ian. He had no problems with set up. Ian's Superstock and Superbike settings proved "good enough to race" with only minor adjustments being needed before tomorrow's sessions. High speed instability was holding down Ben Wylie's lap times on his Superbike and it was planned to transfer the relevant data from Pattinson's Superbike before Wednesday's session.

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