Friday, 18 November 2011

The Classic Bol d'Or

Two hard fights and two well deserved finishes.!

Ultimately, finishing must be the primary objective of any endurance race. A top spot on the leaderboard is a bonus. For us, at this one, there was no bonus. Our combined result from the two legs, each of two hours duration, was 36th position from a field of 55.

The weekend started well with newcomer to the bike, Steve Boam (substituting for Hugh Brasher on this occasion)settling in and posting some good times. Peter Linden also performed up to expectation hoisting the team to sixth fastest at the end of qualifying on the new Continental race rubber supplied especially for this race.

The whole weekend was fine and bright and Steve Boam's start and progress through his first hour was workmanlike and without trouble. He pitted after 26 laps in a fine 12th position having posted a fastest lap of 2mins 5.00secs. Linden took over with 1 hr and 8 mins remaining and quickly got up to 6th position, before the first of two problems hit. Firstly, a rear wheel puncture, requiring an unplanned stop
(tackled very competently by the pit crew in 1min 22 secs) and then a double exhaust stud fracture on no.2 cylinder, a problem which was to take a little longer to fix!

As the stud failures were both on the same cylinder the exhaust system downpipe was completely unsupported. It took the team 13mins 58 secs to put a repair in place and return Linden to the track. Once back, Linden made swift progress, lapping in the 2mins 01 secs region, to try to overcome some of the lost time. 26th at the first leg flag was his just reward.

An overnight cylinder head change, which over-ran worryingly close to the beginning of manche 2, was completed. Steve Boam was again the elected starter. Expectations were high and everything was in place for a great race, but it was not to be. After such a fine effort by all concerned it was cruel luck indeed that Steve Boam fell on the warm up lap on an oil slick laid around a quarter of the circuit by another competitor. Boam pushed in but missed the start whilst repairs were being undertaken. The crash damage(to the ignition side cover and casing) required several stops to get right. By that stage, time had ebbed away and the team could not achieve better than 42nd at the end of leg two, despite Linden cracking the 2 minute barrier with a 1min 59.23 sec lap min session.

Thanks to all concerned, sponsors and team alike.

A hard old slog.... but that's endurance.!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Peter Linden and Steve Boam head for the Classic Bol d'Or

With Hugh Brasher unable to get time off for the 9th edition of the Classic Bol d'Or this weekend, Hugh's place is filled by ICGP star Steve Boam. The meeting format will be the same as last year, with the first 2 hour leg being held in darkness on Saturday evening (starting at 19.30) and the second 2 hour leg starting at 14.15 on Sunday the 11th of September.
Hot news from Continental tyres is that the latest version of the race rear has now been tested and is available. The Team will test this new rubber on Friday the 9th prior to the race.

The Sweatshop Phase One team will welcome any supporters and will be selling Phase One clothing in the paddock over the weekend. Full update on the results next week.
See you at Magny Cours! RB

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oschersleben 4 hrs Linden/Brasher 2nd.

Peter Linden and Hugh Brasher took the ‘Sweatshop’ Phase One
P&M Kawasaki to a fine 2nd place at last weekend’s ‘Speedweek’ event.

The race was an absolute blinder with only 22 secs separating the team from eventual winners Wobker and Aue, on another Kawasaki (no 65, Rau Kawasaki Z1000). The 4 hour sprint ran from 17.30 on Saturday evening, through to a planned 21.30 hrs, but the cloudy conditions and low light level forced the clerk of the course to terminate early at 21.01 hrs.

Linden started (Le Mans style, but from the back again as the P&M has no starter motor) and progressed through the 25 strong field to 2nd place on lap 3.
On lap 11 the pacecar (a single car) emerged between the leader and Linden, doing its worst for the team and falsely created a 70 second advantage for the Rau Kawasaki.
After safely maximizing the rota based on 0.47 litres/lap Linden pitted at 18.33 hrs after 35 laps, still in second place, but some 60 seconds in arrears. Hugh Brasher then took over and rode a workman like stint, battling to hold position from the 111 Bakker Honda (Ganter & Kaiser) and succeeding. During the rota a shower gave Brasher an advantage during which he used his Continental tyres to the full and pulled back
6 seconds on the Rau Kawasaki to hand over to Linden with a gap of 110 seconds.
The team had held Brasher out at the maximum giving him a 1 hour and 13 mins rota and giving the possibility of achieving a two stopper, provided that the race finished slightly earlier, as was hinted.

Linden climbed aboard at 19.52 hrs for the last time and pushed very hard indeed, claiming the overall fastest lap of the race, 1 min.41.59 secs in the process. Whilst the No. 65 bike stopped for it’s third fill, the clock ticked in Phase One’s favour and by 20.45 the gap was just 25 seconds, leaving Linden the push Wobker to his fastest lap just two minutes before the flag.
When the flag dropped the team held a firm 2nd place, just 22 seconds from the 65 Kawasaki of well deserved winners Wobker and Aue, A fantastic race…..
The ‘Sweatshop’ Phase One pit team won the ‘time in the box’ competition with 2 mins. 38 secs, some 1 min 24 secs in front of the 2nd placed team. There were 21 finishers.

Support Races
Peter Linden and Hugh Brasher both scored wins in the Classic Superbike race (Vintage category) on Saturday. The main competition came from the Honda’s of Andreas Peck and Christian Hart.

Continental Tyres
The relationship with Continental tyres went one step further over the race weekend as the team used the “attack” category rubber for both the race wins and the 4 hour 2nd position. What was most notable and remarkable was that in the 4 hrs event, the team used the “road” compound tyres, front and rear lasting 4 hrs and performing well enough for Linden to score fastest overall race lap in the final hour. Thanks to all at “Continental” for that support.

Finally - the Classic Bol d’Or, 10/11 September, Magny Cours - See you there!! RB

Pictures by Jacco Dijkhuizen

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Phase One Endurance - A Superb Sixth at the Spa 4 hrs.

Hugh Brasher and Peter Linden finished last weekend’s Classic Spa 4 hrs event in a superb sixth position after a close fought but relatively trouble free race. The event was held in ideal conditions, after a showery and very busy qualifying session the previous day, which saw the team placed 19th. The Phase One Team finished the race in front of the rest of the large British contingent, most of which suffered a variety of problems, the most unlucky of which may have been Team Glam, who held a top six position until engine failure in the last hour.

The race, held between 20.00 hrs and midnight on 2nd July, was won by the Haquin/ Hampe pairing on a Kawasaki, from Wosker & Fohne on a RAV Kawasaki with the Nico Bakker RSC 1000 Honda of Kaiser & Ganter in 3rd.

The Brasher/Linden combination started in 66th position as all non-starter motor bikes were at the back, 80 tried to qualify, with the fastest 70 making the grid. Brasher completed the first hour in a fine 30th position, still in daylight conditions. Linden progressed further in the twilight to achieve 8th by the end of rota two. As the darkness fell, the demands on the battery powered lights (we were racing the genuine ex Cowie /Toleman bike which has no alternator) increased. Just as it became fully dark, a light failure occurred which necessitated Brasher to make a headlight change, costing a 119 second stop from 7th. Brasher continued into the darkness to stop 4, which saw the team in 12th place at 23.01hrs, with barely a candle glow from the pair of 55 watt spots. Linden restarted after a battery change and refuel taking 62 secs, to quickly reassert himself and the team, whilst he still had light!. By 23.45 hrs Linden held 6th position, but an unplanned battery change stop at 23.50 hrs costing 27 secs cost a place, before his now-safe cruise of 4 laps to the flag. An excellent weekend’s sport.!

NB; The original winners, (Segarra/Segarra on a Moto-Guzzi) were disqualified on a number of technical issues.

The Team’s next outing is at Oschersleben on 14th August for the 4 hrs classic endurance race held during Speedweek. See you there.

Photographs by David Martin

Monday, 27 June 2011

Spa Classic 4 hrs - 2nd July

Hugh Brasher and Peter Linden will compete at Spa on the Team's P&M Kawasaki's next weekend. The event is a classic racing festival that is fast establishing itself as one of the season's "must do's".
In recent years it has been the event which draws the biggest collection of iconic racing machinery from the last 5 decades, as well as the stars that rode it.
This festival of classic racing spars Friday/Saturday/Sunday, with the centerpiece, the 4 hrs race for pre 1980 machinery being held between 20.00hrs and midnight on Saturday 2nd July.
Since Cartagena in February the Team has continued its steady development of the P&M's which will sport lengthened rear shock absorbers, modified headlights and 4.0" rear wheels for this race.

Please join us in the paddock and support the Team for its fight for the rostrum!
I can smell the sausages and taste the Belgian beer already!
The team will compete at the Oschersleben 4 hrs, part of the "German Speedweek" on the 13th/14th of August, with Peter Linden and Hugh Brasher, followed by the Classic Bol d'Or at Magny Cours on September 10th/11th.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Albacete 8 hours, Saturday 21st May

Following the TT Legends debut at the Bol d'Or, when we came 5th, we now head to Albacete. At this race four Phase One team members have been incorporated into the team, Mike Wain, Lida van Ham, Craig Reilley and Russell Benney.
Since the Bol d'Or Mike Wain has worked hard to perfect the new Honda super dumptin which will make it's debut at Albacete. You can read more about this in detail on Mike's website the endurance affectionado this site provides more detail than anywhere else!

Lida will timekeep for the team and look after on circuit admin for the race. The new timing chair, known as "the perch" in Honda parlince, proved effective at the Bol and remains unchanged for this event. It could be a pretty hot experience as half the roof is clear perspex! Craig continues with his job as a Honda mechanic (have you seen him on de the BSB grids looking after Kiyo this year?)looking after the front end with Honda regular, Woody.
Russell's role as race manager seemed to satisfy Neil Tuxworth who has set a new, stiffer objective for this 8 hour race.

We hope to bring you some news of a good result in a week or so. Follow the action on and/or

Friday, 29 April 2011

Big clothing sale at Phase One

We have been sorting out all our stock to sell in preparation for our next race at Spa in early July. As a result we can offer the following at absolutely rock bottom prices, just to clear.

All the following is original Yamaha clothing, Phase One branded:

Polo in navy blue (Yamaha Speedblock, retailing at £30.99) at £10.00 each (+ £1.99 p&p).
- 15 x XL
- 3 x L
- 1 x M
- 1 x 2XL

Jacket, navy blue, fully lined, (Yamaha Speedblock casual jacket), retails at £76.99, now for only £25.00 each, (+ £2.99 p&p)
- 2 x 3XL (for the coats it is sensible to order a size bigger than usual)
- 1 x XL
- 1 x L
- 1 x M

Please send a cheque for the required amount to Phase One Endurance, Moxhill Farm, Combwich, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 2PN. Don't forget to state the size for the garment you wish to order.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bol d'Or, Magny Cours, 16th/17th April

Eight Phase One Team members have been incorporated into the Honda TT Legends team for this weekend's Bol d'Or race.
Russell Benney has been appointed TT Legends race manager, and together with Craig Reilly, Lida van Ham and Mike Wain have been working with the team since January.
The team has now completed 24 hours of testing at Darley Moor, Albacete and Magny Cours, and is ready for the 24 hour challenge.
The team's objective is to finish, with any significant result being a bonus.
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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Phase One Diversify in 2011

We can now announce that the Team will be involved in three separate projects in 2011.

First of all, the Classics are go! Sweatshop and Hugh Brasher will support a programme of 4 races, from the Cartagena 5hrs earlier this month, through Spa and Oschersleben to the Classic Bol d’Or in September.

Secondly, the former Phase One Junior Team Manager Roy Hood is heading up the Phase One Team entry for the Donington 6 hrs WEC race in August.

Thirdly, several Team members will be incorporated in the Honda Europe TT Legends Team for the WEC.

These are the dates for the main events on the 1978 P&M Kawasaki;

Spa 4 hours, 1st, 2nd and 3rd July - Peter Linden/Hugh Brasher
Oschersleben 3 hours 13th , 14th August - Peter Linden/Hugh Brasher
Classic Bol d’Or 4 hours 15th, 16th and 17th September – Peter Linden / TBA

Classic Spa and Oschersleben are new to the Team and we are all looking forward to seeing how competitive we are at these two very popular events. The race at Oschersleben is part of the traditional August Speedweek.

Donington 6 hours:

With Russell away with Honda, Roy Hood will take the helm at this WEC event, the first in the UK since Silverstone in 2002. The intention is to run one of the Team’s 2010 bikes, with a fresh engine and two top-level riders. The team is seeking a title sponsor for this event. If any supporter has ideas for a prospective sponsor, please contact Roy directly on 07971 667184, or mail to

TT Legends:

Several Phase One Team members have had the privilege of being invited by Neil Tuxworth, to join the brand new Honda TT Legends World Endurance Team.
Seven members will join the Team for the 24 hour races at Magny Cours and Le Mans, and four Team personnel have been incorporated into the full championship Team. Neil Tuxworth obviously wishing to bring as much endurance knowledge as possible into the team from the word go.


This month Phase One Team Manager Russell Benney formally closed the Yamaha sponsorship agreement covering 2004-2010. The Team wishes to thank all Yamaha Motors (UK, Europe and Japan) staff involved for their valued support. With Yamaha, the Team scored successes resulting in top ten World Championship placings for six consecutive seasons. The best of which was third in the 2006 WEC. In addition, Yamaha supported the Phase One Junior Team which scored 25 consecutive race finishes and promoted more than 16 junior riders into their careers. Yamaha have been a great supporter of the team and we wish them good luck with any future endurance endeavours.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cartagena 5 hrs - Qualified 2nd but dropped out of race with broken 4th gear

The 5 hrs race weekend ended with a DNF but what a great weekend it was!

The Peter Linden/Hugh Brasher pairing worked hard with much improved lap times to qualify 2nd behind the Motobox Guzzi of Segarra/Segarra (he of European Superstock) and ahead of Cheltenham based "Team Glam" who qualified 3rd. Hugh Brasher set a best lap of 1.51.8 and Linden was on 1.48.9. For both riders these were their best Cartagena Classic laps, and up about 2 seconds on last year.

The field was fairly strong, with Motobox as the star billing, but also with some strong, midfield entries, including the pair of "Pane e Nutella" (yes, really) Moto Guzzis and team Fusco's Ducati Pantah with Giancarlo Rossi on board. Right at the back and by far the oldest bike there - a Swiss Vincent Rapide, in full race trim. Beautiful.

After qualifying, 23 entries remained for the race.
The race was held as a single leg in daylight hours, with air temperatures approaching a balmy 20 degrees C and the track at 15/16 C. For the Sweatshop Phase One entry, the lowish track temperatures caused higher than expected rear tyre wear. However, useful feedback for Dunlop with their continued development of the Classic rear.

Motobox and Glam led from the start, watched by perhaps 150 spectators - not that many, but the organisers of the WEC Albacete races would have been proud!

As the first hour progressed Motobox pulled a 20 metre lead with Glam's Bob Collins settling for second, but still pressing Segarra at some points in the lap. Eventually that presure paid off and after about 40 minutes Segarra fell. In quick succession, the Sweatshop Phase One team retired from third with a broken fourth gear, Glam took the lead and immediately lost it with the first of two punctures and Team Fusco contined unhindered and quickly to claim the win. Glam were second and a Pani e Nutella Guzzi third.

The Sweatshop Phase One Classic Team are next out at Spa (1, 2, 3 July) for the 4 hours, followed by the Oschersleben 3 hours during Speedweek on the 14th of August.

The Classic Bol d'Or is on September 17/18th.

The Team wishes to thank Sweatshop, SBS, France Equipement, DFDS Seaways, Dunlop and James Clark of Team Glam for their invaluable support.

We're also indebited to Dave Martin for the excellent photography.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Let's go racing!!!

Next weekend's Cartagena 5 hour race is without doubt the earliest race meeting in Russsel's 34 years of racing. Never before have we done a February event, but why not? The daytime temperatures look to be in the teens and it's been dry and sunny.

Hugh Brasher and Peter Linden are back on the 1978 ex Bernie Toleman/John Cowie P&M Kawasaki, this time with a new engine. Over the winter the team have prepared a larger capacity, higher revving motor which they will test in pre practice on Friday the 4th of February. If all goes well this will be the new race motor. Also, the rolling chassic has been further developed with new discs, fairings and many detailed changes. This race will debut the new "Sweatshop" colours.
This is the first race of our Classic season which will include Spa, the Classic Bol d'Or and the Oschersleben 3 hours.
The race gets underway at 12.30 and finishes just before dusk. See you there?

Sunday, 16 January 2011

2011 Season starts here

Over the winter the workshop has been reorganised and a new exhibition corner and a P&M corner have been opened.

The exhibition corner features the 3 World Endurance Championship winning bikes, all now in excellent condition and in running order. Their last time out was at Goodwood in 2009 and it is hoped that the team can do some more demonstrations with them this year.

In the P&M corner preparations are well underway for the 5 hour race in Cartagena on February the 5th. And at the other end of the workshop the modern stuff is being refurbished before racing under the Sweatshop colours, with plans to compete at the Barcelona 24 hours and the WEC at Donington.

The team have several bikes for sale in order to get equipped for 2011. Please see the For Sale page.