Tuesday, 21 February 2017

2017: A great season ahead !

With five races in five countries and such a superb rider line-up what more could you want.!

It all kicks off at Donington Park on May 6th/7th, with a two team entry of Hugh Brasher/Mike Dickinson plus Peter Linden and Ian Simpson.

Then off to Anneau du Rhin on the German/French border for our first crack at this German Championship race and our first visit to that circuit.

Spa will then follow in July, Imola in August and Aragon again in October.

The plan is to keep the two teams fixed all year.

The challenge with the bikes continues; with the balance between reliability and power being tilted yet further in the direction of output. We test at Aragon next month, so we will see then if we have it right !!

Principal sponsors this year remain unchanged and our continued gratitude goes to Hugh Brasher, Marchant Engineering ( Lee and Ray), Continental Tyres, in the shape of Graham Matcham and of course, the legendary Maurice Waldock.

Right now we are recruiting in the workshop for a few extra hands to spread the load and experience in what will surely be another great season.!!

Finally, hearty congratulations to Ian Simpson for cleaning up in the South Aftrican TT revival series this year. Well done from us all.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

For sale page gathers momentum!

Today we've added a few more items to our For Sale page, including a whole load of Ohlins parts.
More to come in the next few days.


Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to all our team and sponsors.

Very soon we shall be in position to announce the race dates and team line-up, plus main sponsors and the general plan...watch this space for further news.

We can hardly wait for the first test !

In the meantime, please have a quick look at the 'for sale' page on this website, which we are updating with a whole range of 'workshop clearout' items over the next few days - Kawasaki, P&M and Suzuki.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Team Force dominate at Aragon

Greg Fastré and Richard Hubin led from the early stages, only interrupted once, for a short time, by Mertens and Simpson, to score their second win of the 2016 series.

Sweatshop Phase One entered two teams: Mertens/Simpson on bike no 1, and Brasher/Lindén on the no 4 bike.
The no 1 bike retired whilst 2nd with 28 minutes of the four hour race remaining -having fought off challenges from the whole field and tucked in about 100 seconds behind Force at the head.

A rider error, passing under a yellow flag, resulting in a "drive through" penalty did not help the team's progress!

The no 4 bike had a steady trouble free run to fourth position.

Qualifying was topped by the new Edge Racing Team (formerly Monex Europe) with Sweatshop no 1 in second, Force in third and Sweatshop no 4 in fourth.

The surprise of the meeting was a second team bike no 50 of Team Force, raced by none other than Mathieu Lagrive and Bruno Lebihan! Regrettable they retired with machine failure in the early stages, as did Team Edge Racing.

Neate no 17/19 were second, Taurus were third, Alf was fifth and Roadrunner sixth.

Congratulations to all on a good meeting.

Season Summary:

During the season it was a hard slog keeping the Suzuki engines together, but it was worth it. With six wins, and a new Oschersleben race and lap record it proved there was still life in the old dogs!

Winter development will centre upon engines this time, plus beefing up the stock of rolling chassis spares to give more depth. And also of course the new bike... more on that later!

Personnel wise, it was another supreme effort by the core of this fantastic team -  some of the challenges thrown at it seemed insurmountable at the time, but all were overcome.
I will never forget nursing that leaking and cracked P&M Suzuki on to its Mettet win, nor for that matter, Ian pushing over the line at Osch for that one!

Peter Lindén, once again the backbone of the team, has performed on and off track superbly, and has been central to all six wins. It's been our pleasure to have him in the team. Congratulations to Hugh Brasher, Mike Dickinson, Ian Simpson and Stéphane Mertens, who have all raced with us this season and are now well established team members as well as friends.

And finally, a big thank you to our sponsors; the main men being Hugh Brasher, Ray and Lee Marchant, Graham Matcham and Maurice Waldock. Without you all it just would not have been possible - you have brought a lot of people a lot of pleasure.

Postscript to the ECS points controversy

The teams forced an FIM meeting at Aragon, where a carefully scripted back fitting exercise was delivered by the FIM.
In the absence of ECS rules, the FIM representative carefully selected extracts from the EWC non-permanent team rules (despite the teams concerned doing all races) to come to the bizarre conclusion that any team could adopt any number and even select which of its bikes could carry the points!
It fooled nobody, and even the ECS, after admitting their error, will consider changing the rules for next year. Apparently, Force and Roadrunner simply turned their backs and exited from the circus.
Hugh Brasher established that the teams had no route of appeal.

Monday, 24 October 2016

DG Sport press 'self destruct' button on ECS championship.

Taurus, Team Force and Roadrunner have all been ejected from their top 3 positions following a behind closed doors decision by DG Sport. 
The controversy follows the disqualification of Team Neate 17 for ineligible rider combination at Spa. The second Team Neate (19) scored a fine fifth position. DG Sport stated that 'we thought it would be all right' to combine the results of Team 17 from Paul Ricard and Team 19 from Spa to create a new total if 31 points, rather than the 20 points for team 17 at Paul Ricard and the 11 points for team 19 at Spa. 
For those that know endurance, this is a team championship and the rider lineups on a team's bike have no relevance.  
The team is designated by it's team bike number. 
If the proposal holds Team Neate (17/19) would 'overtake' second place Taurus and joint third placed Roadrunner and Team Force. 
Sweatshop Phase One, no 1, are unaffected with 32 points at the head of the championship. 
Russell Benney commented that it is unfortunate that the actions of DG Sports have already disrupted the harmony in what was a great series. 
If this controversy continues into Aragon it is difficult to imagine how a creditable championship result can emerge. 
Three of the top teams: Force, Roadrunner and Sweatshop Phase One have invited the FIM to investigate the manipulation of the Paul Ricard and Spa results that give the DG Sport their proposed outcome, and await their report. 

Sweatshop Phase One look forward to running Ian Simpson and Stephane Mertens on the number 1 team bike, and Pete Linden and Hugh Brasher on the number 4 team bike. 

See you there. 


Thursday, 29 September 2016

A tough 8th at the Classic Bol!

All was going so well; second in qualifying; Hugh on form; Peter going like a 25 year old, fastest race lap and the bike on song.... but it couldn't last, and it didn't.

In  leg one, on Friday night (16th September) Peter came crashing down on oil. And, he was leading by a couple of seconds, from one of the many post classic bikes. (actually, not post-classic at all; more like anything old ish...up to about 2000 we reckon - certainly not limited to 1991). That being bad enough, he was then skittled back to the ground by two other bikes crashing on the same oil.
Manfully and typically, he got the bike back (without LH handlebar) and the team fixed it and returned in 7 minutes. We had dropped to 32nd, but fought back to 8th by the end.

It could have been a great race, with over 50 starters; but on this occasion it was a bit of a struggle. Roadrunner Suzuki scored another superb first leg win, back to back with their Spa win two months earlier.They were on a roll, and well deserved!

In the second round on Saturday morning, it was much the same from the off. An ignition problem meant starting from the pitlane (tent-lane actually, as fifty tents had been erected to replace the pits occupied of course by the EWC teams) and a resultant stop and go, plus an oil leak, all led towards a decidedly average final 8th position. The overall race was won, for the second year running, by a post classic bike, firmly spelling the end of the "classic" bol as we knew it. Roadrunner were first classic bike in the overall result, in 3rd position.
Hugh Brasher at qualifying

This year the grid was split exactly 75% post classic and 25% classic.  we accept that classic is now finished. If only the organisers would get a grip and hold to their own regulations of the 1991 post classic cut off, it would have a future on its own, but I fear the worst...

What a negative end to a fantastic event... in just 3 years; a credible race with a full grid and the "main event" at Magny Cours, with its own support races, to a support race itself, with two unpoliced and meaningless classes. Shame.
Beringer products in the main paddock

As  a footnote; I hope that the organisers of next year's Donington 4 hours (6th/7th of May) have noted the demise of the Classic Bol (as a credible event) and the relative success of the ECS series; the former being a properly policed true classic event, rather than an unstructured free for all...

So, foreward to Aragon, we currently lead the championship, with 32 points, with our No. 1 bike, and our No. 4 bike is on 13 points in 8th place. Second is Taurus and tying for third are Force and Roadrunner, each on 25 points. For Aragon, Greg Fastré and Richard Hubin will both be fit.  Let battle commence!

Thanks to all for their invaluable support. Sorry to be negative earlier, its certainly not that way right now; Aragon is there to be won !!